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                  Association Introduction

                  Small and medium sized business associations

                  [composition] it is mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises, commodity manufacturing, commercial circulation, commercial services and relevant institutions serving small and medium-sized enterprises.

                  [previous main leaders] the previous main leaders and honorary leaders of the small and medium-sized business association are Jiang Ming, Chen Changzhi, sun Fuling, Chen Zongxing, Hu Ping, Zhang Mingqi, Xie Sizhong, Zhang Zhigang, Li Zhenxi, Kong Qingtai, Li Xianping, etc.; the current president is Wang Min and honorary president is Dong Shukui.

                  [organizational development] as of November 2018, the SME association has developed more than 12000 members in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, established 18 branches and indirectly served more than 100000 SMEs.

                  [development history] in February 1992, the State Council approved the establishment of the China Federation of collective commercial enterprises, which was in charge of the former Ministry of Commerce and made positive contributions to supporting the development of collective commercial enterprises.

                  In March 2006, it was approved by the State Council to change its name to China Association of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, which is in charge of SASAC of the State Council. After decoupling in 2015, it was changed to the party construction leader of SASAC of the State Council. It is the only comprehensive national social organization in the field of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises. It has held the annual meeting of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in China for 13 consecutive years. It is the main initiator of the World Conference of small and medium-sized enterprises and the Central Radio and television station The initiator of "brand power strategic alliance" is the Central Social Service Department of all democratic parties, China People's Association for friendship with foreign countries, China law society, China International Chamber of Commerce, China Vocational Education Society, all China Lawyers Association, China Arab Friendship Association, China United Nations Association, China Chamber of Commerce in Germany, Korea China Economic Association, Sudan China Friendship Association, South Korea today At present, there are more than 12000 registered member enterprises in Asia media, Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Association, California economic and Trade Development Association and other strategic cooperation organizations. Its main functions are: to promote the development of China's small and medium-sized business circulation, commodity manufacturing and business services, to promote the support of the government and financial institutions for small and medium-sized micro enterprises, to organize and carry out the government awarded industry advanced typical commendation, industry statistics and standard formulation and revision, international exchange, scientific and technological innovation and other work, and to study and publish the industry leading indicator system.

                  In the new era, the SME association is guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, according to the instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, "SMEs can manage major events". Inheriting the fine tradition and deepening the member service; focusing on the standardized construction of the association, adhering to the market-oriented, strengthening the member service, innovating the working methods and improving the level of the Association; giving full play to the advantages of the bridge between the government and the enterprise, the window of the industry, the home of the members and the friends of the enterprise, carrying out the investigation and research, implementing the policies and measures, giving feedback to the members, strengthening the standardized construction of the party organization of the association and promoting Entering the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting enterprises to participate in the construction of "one belt and one road"; launching the "two micro ends", spreading the good image of the enterprises, conveying the good voice of the Central Committee, actively safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises, recommending members to participate in the honorary commendation of the national model workers and the 38 red flag holders throughout the country, helping enterprises declare projects and strive for policy support; actively participate in civil military integration, and Liaoning ships, and three The military honor guard and so on should establish joint construction relations; take the World Conference of small and medium-sized enterprises as the platform, do a good job in the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, and help the high-quality development; take the China Annual Conference of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs as the link, link the working contacts of members, democratic parties, united front system and diplomatic system, and deepen the exchanges with local governments, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan involving the cooperation level of small and medium-sized enterprises The municipal level (including top 100 counties and cities) signed a contract to build 12 innovation cities for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthened contact and communication with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and relevant organizations of foreign small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized business associations have made new progress in various undertakings.
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